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  Seaweed Art
The three links on the right lead to images of many of our original studies of seaweeds. Each piece is an actual seaweed specimen, arranged to represent its natural form and preserved using our proprietary techniques. Read more about our work here, and look at the exhibitions page to see installations of our artwork.

The division Rhodophyta represents the red algae. Among the seaweeds, Rhodophyta are by far the most diverse and species-rich. The red algae in our gallery range in size from approximately 2 to 40 inches in diameter.

Phaeophyta are the brown algae, including familiar rockweeds (fucoid algae), which are prominent high on rocky shores, and the giant kelps (Macroscystis sp.), which can grow to over 100 feet in length.

The division Chlorophyta comprises the green algae. The Chlorophyta are a diverse group, including marine, freshwater, soil, and aerial algae, as well as the closest algal relatives of higher plants.
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