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Professional Seaweed-Pressing Kit
Possibly the only commercially available kit specifically designed for pressing seaweed. Everything you need to press seaweeds as well as higher plants. "Professional" because of its size (the standard size used by professional botanists) and sturdy components. Contains:
  • One set of 1218" brass-riveted wooden lattice plant-press frames
  • Two 5-foot spring-buckle straps
  • 24 sheets premium blotting paper
  • 12 corrugated cardboard ventilators
  • 12 sheets 100%-cotton herbarium mounting paper
  • #60 cheesecloth covering sheets
  • One 1418" reinforced fiberglass mounting tray
  • One pointed-round watercolor brush, four plastic transfer pipettes, and four bamboo picks for arranging
  • One copy of The Guide to Pressing Seaweed
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