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  FieldCam: Panoramas (2002)

  December 19, 2002
An ultrawide view of the beach and docks at the edge of the University of Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay Campus. (image size 55 kb)
  December 10, 2002
A view of the rocks at the south side of Pier 5 at a very low tide, with ships seen in the distance. (image size 74 kb)
  November 14, 2002
A view of the Pier on a day when the blues were running, with fishermen, jumping fish just left of center, and waves on the oceanside to the right. (image size 105 kb)
  November 2, 2002
The cove at Scarborough South, lined with piles of red drift (mostly Chondrus) at a very low tide. (image size 185 kb)
  October 28, 2002
A golfer aiming toward Scarborough Beach from Scarborough South, with more reds in drift and no bathers. (image size 61 kb)
  October 17, 2002
Surfers at the Pier waiting for waves the day after a Nor'easter. (image size 107 kb)
  October 8, 2002
Ascophyllum nodosum aplenty on the rocks at the Pier; a very low tide also showing the red of Hildenbrandia on rocks slightly lower on the shore. (image size 103 kb)
  September 18, 2002
Bands of fresh and bleached drift at the Pier. (image size 132 kb)
  September 12, 2002
Wow. An ominous, enormous mass of drift seaweed at Scarborough South. (image size 88 kb)
  September 12, 2002
Looking out to clear water from the wall of drift seaweed on this day at Scarborough South. (image size 88 kb)
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