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  FieldCam: Panoramas (2003)

  April 30, 2003
A flourish of false lily-of-the-valley outside the studio. One of the common sites in our area in early spring. (image size 157 kb)
  April 21, 2003
A low tide at Scarborough South reveals the green algae (mostly Enteromorpha sp.) on the large rocks in the upper intertidal... (image size 134 kb)
  April 21, 2003
...and a mass of drift (mostly reds) among the cobble in the mid-intertidal heading toward the water. (image size 157 kb)
  April 20, 2003
Planting Island Cove in Marion, MA seems to be chock full of Codium fragile in drift. (image size 111 kb)
  April 19, 2003
Some of the Providence skyline captured from the State House in the good light at dusk. (image size 112 kb)
  March 17, 2003
A look down into the water from the Pier at low tide. Chondrus (irish moss) forms a turf over most of the rocks, interrupted by the green of Ulva and the bright red of Palmaria. (image size 92 kb)
  March 4, 2003
An ultrawide view of the Ascophyllum-covered rocks during a very low tide at the Pier. (image size 112kb)
  March 4, 2003
Tidepools filled with seaweeds are common at cobblestone beaches, such as this near Pier 5 in Narragansett. (image size 139 kb)
  February 3, 2003
An ultrawide view of green seaweeds covering rocks in the high intertidal. (image size 120 kb)
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