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  Design Products
In 2006, the Cryptogamic Botany Company will be making new materials and products available exclusively to the trade. Contact us now with inquiries or to request samples.
New design materials and products
The studio has developed decorative rigid and flexible sheeting material from some of our favorite algae. In 2005 we finished testing of these products and used them in the creation of countertops and tables, dividing screens, and decorative light fixtures. Contact us to request samples (to the trade only, please) and look forward to a studio line of fixtures in 2006.
Commissioned art and installations
We welcome inquiries about commissioned work and special installations. Our studio has experience with a wide range of natural materials and is fully equipped to finish work to your specifications for both residential and commercial installations. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.
Prints to the trade
Our artwork continues to be featured prominently in the national media. In 2006, we will be attending major trade shows and seeking new venues for our prints. Dealers and interior designers are invited to contact us about trade rates and trade-exclusive prints.
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