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Quotations and poems....
We've begun to assemble our favorite quotations and poems related to cryptogamic botany and to science and art in general. Hope you enjoy these insights into the inspiration that others have found among the lower plants. We'll be expanding this page on an ongoing basis. Please send us your suggestions for additions, especially those in other languages.

W. Whitman Bailey, on the subject of Algæ (1881): "No division of the vegetable kingdom has attracted more deserved attention than that of the sea-weeds or sea-mosses...."

W. Whitman Bailey, on the subject of Field-work (1881): "Beginners almost always collect their plants too young; they have a nervous fear that they will not last."

Mary Matilda Howard (1846): "Oh! Call us not weeds, but flowers of the sea..."

Margaret Scott Gatty (1872): "It was once prettily said by a lady who cultivated flowers, that she had 'buried many a care in her garden'; and the sea-weed collector can often say the same of his garden...."

Alpheus Baker Hervey, defining Leathesia in a key to 'Olive Green Algæ' (1882): "Fronds look not unlike green tomatoes."

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