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Press Coverage....
A sampling of some interesting print and broadcast coverage of Alex Frost and the Cryptogamic Botany Company.
The Today Show
Live NBC broadcast 12/14/05. Our work was featured very prominently in this segment with Laurie Smith, and our website crashed from the load. Follow this link to NBC and click Launch to see the segment.
Martha Stewart Living TV
Martha and I reviewed my artwork and the biology of seaweeds, and then got our hands wet. See a short clip (1.4MB WMV), or my favorite longer clip (with a FOX commerical, 10MB WMV).
Martha Stewart Living
August 2003. With a distribution somewhere around 6 million, we figured that this article introduced more people to pressing seaweed than in all of history before this. This is a great big feature article with interviews and guidance by Alex and Molly, as well as lots of our artwork.
Watershed Journal
Fall & Winter 2004 issue. Feature article on Alex's art and the Cryptogamic Botany Company in this journal of the environment and culture.
W Magazine
March 2003. Somewhat tongue-in-cheek review of the upcoming opening of the ultra-trendy Geisha. The restaurant owners are shown with a sample from our installation, called the "piece de resistance" of the design and "a gallery of exquisite seaweed sculptures resembling dried flowers".
Contract Magazine
March 2004, a review of the design of Geisha Restaurant. The last two pages of the article are photos of the dining room enclosed by our work. We were commissioned to produce backlit glass walls and a backlit glass sealing filled with seaweed to create a beautiful and surreal underwater setting for this David Rockwell-designed restaurant.
Natural History Magazine
June 2003 issue "Patterns in Nature". Promotional material for a workshop by Alex at the American Museum of Natural History.
Rhode Island School of Design
Promotional materials. During Molly's tenure with Cryptogamic Botany Company, we recieved a lot of attention at RISD, Molly's alma mater.
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